Even more philosophy of physics conferences, Summer 2010

If you know about the usual summer conferences and are still looking for more:

Hannover: Philosophy of Physics in Germany – Current State and Perspectives (11-12 Jun 2010). If you happen to be in or around Hannover next week (which unfortunately I am not), stop by to check this out! Meinard Kuhlmann (of recent Pittsburgh-fellow fame) organized this formidable program.

Scheduled Speakers: Claus Beisbart, Arianna Borrelli, Matthias Egg, Michael Esfeld, Brigitte Falkenbur), Cord Frieb), Mathias Frisch, Ulrich Gähde, Reiner Hedrich, Carsten Held, Rafaela Hillerbrand, Paul Hoyningen-Huen), Andreas Hüttemann, Meinard Kuhlmann, Dennis Lehmkuhl, Christoph Lehner, Holger Lyre, Paul Näger, Thorben Petersen, Wolfgang Pietsch, Helmut Desks, Wolfgang Rhode, Gregor Schiemann, Francisco Soler -Gil, Manfred Stöckler, Michael Stöltzner.

London: Emergence in Physics (13-14 Jul, 2010). This looks like a great meeting to check out after the BJPS/FoP weekend. It’s organized by the distinguished Prof. Eleanor Knox, the former Oxford student, recently-hired IP faculty, and deft climber of Swiss mountain-tops.

Currently scheduled speakers: Bob Batterman, Jeremy Butterfield, Roman Frigg, Stephan Hartmann, Eleanor Knox, David Wallace.

Vienna: What Exists in the Quantum World? (19-24 Jul, 2010). This is a great idea for a workshop, and includes a great mix of philosophers and physicists. Applications to join are due by Monday though, so do hurry if you’d like to go!

Senior participants: Markus Aspelmeyer, Gennaro Auletta, Tina Bilban, Časlav Brukner, Jeffrey Bub, Vladimir Chaloupka, Raymond Chiao, Daniel Greenberger, Alexei Grinbaum, Richard Healey, Michael Horne, Tarja Kallio-Tamminen, Henry Krips, Franck Laloë, Xiaosong Ma, Stefano Osnaghi, Sorin Paraoanu, Sven Ramelow, Stig Stenholm, Anton Zeilinger.

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4 thoughts on “Even more philosophy of physics conferences, Summer 2010

  1. Joseph Smidt

    I’m glad to see there are so many “Philosophy of Physics” conferences. Maybe one day I will be privileged enough to go to one.

    What is the major journal that this field publishes in?

  2. Cartesian

    And is it possible to publish some new theories in physics in relation with philosophy in these journals? (In fact the web is not a so big world in some realms: I find Joseph here :) .)

  3. quantummoxie

    I would say you nailed all the big ones (journals I mean). Every so often a philosophical paper creeps into a non-philosophical journal, but if you’re aiming specifically for philosophy of physics, those are the main ones that I can think of.