Philosophy of Science Journals and Elsevier

Not Elsevier
Journal Publisher
American Philosophical Quarterly University of Illinois Press
Analysis Oxford University Press
Australasian Journal of Philosophy Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Biology and Philosophy Springer Verlag
British Journal for the History of Philosophy Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science Oxford University Press
Canadian Journal of Philosophy University of Calgary Press
Dialectica Wiley-Blackwell
Erkenntnis Springer Verlag
European Journal of Philosophy Blackwell Publishing
Foundations of Physics Springer Verlag
General Relativity and Gravitation Springer Verlag
Journal for General Philosophy of Science Springer Verlag
Journal of Consciousness Studies Imprint Academic
Journal of Applied Logic Elsevier
Journal of Philosophical Logic Springer Verlag
Journal of Philosophy Journal of Philosophy, Columbia U.
Journal of Symbolic Logic Association for Symbolic Logic
Journal of the History of Ideas University of Pennsylvania Press
Journal of the History of Philosophy Johns Hopkins University Press
Linguistics and Philosophy Springer Verlag
Mind Oxford University Press
Mind and Language Blackwell Publishing
Minds and Machines Springer Verlag
Monist Hegeler Institute
Noûs Wiley-Blackwell
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly Blackwell Publishing
Philosophia Mathematica Oxford University Press
Philosophical Quarterly Wiley-Blackwell
Philosophical Review Duke University Press
Philosophical Studies Springer Verlag
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Wiley-Blackwell
Philosophy Compass Blackwell Publishing
Philosophy of Science University of Chicago Press
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society Wiley-Blackwell
Ratio Blackwell Publishing
Review of Symbolic Logic Cambridge University Press
Studia Logica Springer Verlag
Studies in History & Philosophy of Science (A, B, C) Elsevier
Synthese Springer Verlag
Theoria Wiley-Blackwell

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