Conferences for Philosophers of Physics, Summer 2010

April 30 – May 2. Washington, D.C. New Directions in Foundations of Physics. Speakers: Michel Janssen, Tony Duncan, Elise Crull, Fernando Brandao, Bill Unruh, Dan Browne, Scott Aaronson, Valerio Scarani, Miguel Navascues, Caslav Brukner, Roderich Tumulka.

May 7-9. Toronto, Ontario. Models and Simulations 4. Keynotes: Leonard Smith and Jos Uffink.

May 7-10. London, Ontario. Logic, Mathematics and Physics / UWO Philosophy of Science Conference. Speakers: Kevin Kelly, Rhonda Martens, Curtis Wilson, George Smith, John Earman, Allan Gibbard, Jim Joyce, Alan Hájek, Brian Skyrms.

July 5-7. Aberdeen, Scotland. 16th European Meeting on Foundations of Physics.

July 8-9. Dublin, Ireland. British Society for Philosophy of Science Annual Meeting.

Unfortunately, the MS4 and UWO conferences in Ontario are scheduled to overlap. (Communication error, Ontarians?) But on the bright side, FoP rescheduled so as not to clash with BSPS, so it’s now possible to attend both.

Anything else we should be attending this summer?

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