Get Started Improving Your Philsci Archive Experience

You may already know that Philsci Archive is the way to stay updated on new developments in the Philosophy of Science. Here are three easy tricks to make your experience more pleasant.

  1. Use Google to search philsci archive. Google is a far superior search engine. Why use anything else?

    Enter your search keywords into Google, followed by this string:

    This will return a Google search for your keywords, restricted to Philsci archive. Trust me, this is a real pain-reliever: for example, searching for “van fraassen” returns baloney on Philsci archive’s search engine, while Google returns hundreds of items. For more options, use Google’s advanced search to find what you want.

  2. Browse by Category. Only look at the categories you’re interested in.

    Go to Browse > Subject and select the category you’re interested in.

    I recommend bookmarking several subjects for quick browsing. For example, here’s Physics.

  3. Get updates in selected categories by email. Three easy steps:

    Step 1: register if you haven’t done so already, and login to the registered users area.
    Step 2: Select “Change your subscription options” and click the “New Subscription” button.
    Step 3: Follow the instructions to design your email subscription.

    You can even select how often (or how rarely) you want to have an update sent to you.


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