Astrophysics with Ice Cube

The article is available here.

That’s right. If you thought that identifying galactic cosmic rays was funky, try doing it with IceCube. Wes sai!

Apparently, IceCube has recently been involved in a number of interesting developments. If you thought ”galactic cosmic rays” was hip, you may also be interested in IceTop: Cosmic Ray Physics with IceCube. Then of course, there’s Ice Cube’s skillful ability to detect dark-matter. A variety of projects with IceCube are described in Performance, Status and Future, as well as in Ice Cube: The State of the Art. Then there’s the much anticipated and the soon-to-be PBS special, New Physics with IceCube, which I personally can hardly wait to see.

Yes, it looks like a pretty exciting research program with Ice Cube is underway. I only hope that these guys aren’t having any problems with copyright infringement.

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