More Philosophy of Physics in the Blogosphere

Readers of this blog may be interested in Chris Wüthrich’s new blog on the philosophy of physics, Taking up Spacetime.

Chris is a philosopher of physics at UCSD, and fellow Pittsburgh graduate. Philosophy of physics has such a scarce presence on the bloggersphere, this is certainly a welcome addition! For more philosophy of physics on the intertubes, you might also try:

And of course, let us know in the comments if you know about more philosophy of physics blogs!

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2 thoughts on “More Philosophy of Physics in the Blogosphere

  1. wolfgang

    I am not sure ‘philosophy of physics’ is the best name for it.
    Instead it seems to me that every now and then physicists collectively decide that some stubborn problems are just not worthy of further consideration and declare them to belong to ‘philosophy’. (The ‘interpretation problem’ of q.m. is an example and some issues around the 2nd law another).

  2. Bryan

    Hi Wolfgang — I’ve noticed physicists using the term “philosophy” in this way. But that’s an incorrect use of the term. Philosophy of physics (when done well) is about the use of careful arguments, to clarify difficult concepts in the foundations of physics — although one can also be more specific as to what good philosophy of physics involves. Many physicists, on the other hand, seem to use “philosophy” as a synonym for “speculation,” or “an inconclusive argument” — neither of which is representative of the word.