Get Started Reading Blogs on the Philosophy of Science

Want to read some nice raw philosophy of science? Here are twelve options that I highly recommend.

  1. It’s Only a Theory is a new blog on the philosophy of science, which appears very promising. Otávio Bueno (Miami), Gabriele Contessa (Carleton), Marc Lange (UNC), and Chris Pincock (Purdue) are currently running the show. Guest posts are being invited.
  2. Honest Toil is Chris’s other very interesting blogue on the philosophy of mathematics.
  3. My Mind is Made Up is run by my fellow Pittsburgher Justin Sytsma. He produces some nice work on the philosophy of mind here on this generally amusing blog.
  4. Words and Other Things is run by another another fellow Pittsburgher, Shawn Standefer. WAOT has recently received a facelift, and is a great resource on logic, the philosophy of math, early analytic philosophy, and other philosophico-logical delights.
  5. Obscure and Confused Ideas contains Pitt-graduate Greg Frost-Arnold’s thoughts on logic, early analytic philosophy, and the philosophy of science.
  6. The Statistical Mechanic (a.k.a. Wolfgang Beirl) has been producing some very interesting work lately on the philosophy of physics — this blog really deserves to be more widely read.
  7. The Truth Makes Me Fret is another very interesting blog that covers topics in the philosophy of physics, but also a wide range of philosophy of science issues.
  8. Cosmic Variance is (Caltech physicist) Sean Carroll’s frequent cyber-stomping ground. Apart from the general entertainment value of this blog, it is of special interest to for both its physical and its philosophical content.
  9. Backreaction is one of my very favorite blogs. Sabine Hossenfelder and Stefan Scherer (Perimeter Institute) provide a lot of great updates on physics, but also some excellent contributions to the philosophy of physics.
  10. A Mind for Madness ranges from very technical mathematical physics, to general philosophy of science, to music, and beyond.
  11. The Blog of Noah Greenstein produces a lot of very original philosophy, and takes its occasional jaunt into the philosophy of science.
  12. Philosopher’s Anonymous. Ok, this isn’t really philosophy of science. But it’s hilarious. Especially if you are (or are on your way to becoming) a professional philosopher.

That’s all the philosophy of science blogs for today. Enjoy!

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