Geneva Summer School in Philosophy of Physics

Read About It Here. The Geneva Summer School in Philosophy of Physics, 2008 was a 1-week intensive summer school in the middle of the Swiss alps. This year, scholars and graduate students met in Arolla’s Hotel Mont-Collon for a conference on the nature of space and time. I was able to participate, thanks to a generous grant from the Wesley and Merilee Salmon Foundation. Here’s my report on what happened. There is also a Google Picture Page for the event.

Next year’s summer school is rumored to be about the foundations and interpretation of quantum theory. I highly recommend that any graduate student or new-Ph.D philosophers of physics consider going.

Update: 24.Sep.08, 8:45am. Justin Sytsma has posted this report, along with another summer school report by Jonathan Livengood. Justin’s excellent blog is well worth checking out, for matters of phil-mind, x-phi, grad-life in Pittsburgh, and general entertainment.

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