Get Started Improving Your Philosophical Apparel

It’s easy enough to find science t-shirts and apparel out there. But how are you going to improve you philosophical style? Today, I’ll suggest a few places where you can pick up some sweet philosophical duds.

  • Soul Physics on Zazzle. During times of structured procrastination, a few shirts were produced by yours truly.
  • The Philosophy Gift Shop. Here is where you go if you want a well-known quote by a dead philosopher on your t-shirt. Perhaps interesting for some, but there are more inspiring options.
  • SagaciTree. Slightly more interesting designs. But you can do better.
  • Philosophy at CafePress. There are some much more interesting designs here, both interesting and entertaining.
  • is the most random, but in the end, this is where the best stuff is. If you’re willing to sift around a bit, you can find some real gems. (I especially like this user’s products.)

That’s all the philosophy shirts for today. Enjoy!

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