Does Google’s Logo-Artist Like His Father Better Than His Mother?

Too impatient to wait until Sunday, my wife decided to investigate what the Google Logo might be this Mother’s Day, on the basis of previous years. She was upset to find that, not only should she expect something boring, but she should expect the father’s day logo to be way better!

While Dad can expect to go swimming, fishing, napping, and playing with the kids — mom can expect a flower or two, or maybe a bad drawing. And she might even get the same flower she got last year!

Want to see for yourself? Compare the history of Google Logos for father’s and mother’s day, respectively. Dad gets to sip iced tea in the pool, while Mom gets crayon-on-paper? Where’s Mom’s inner tube?


Then there’s the previous year, when Dad got to go fishin’ with the boy, while Mom got a flower. Ok, flowers can be fun too…


…but two years in a row? While Dad scores a nap in the hammock?


Even more flowers for mom? This year, Dad even got the kids to do his chores.


More flowers for Mom, more relaxing for Dad…


and while Dad plays with the kids, Mom gets… more flowers? Come on!




So here’s our open question: what’s going on, Dennis? Why does Dad get all the fun?


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2 thoughts on “Does Google’s Logo-Artist Like His Father Better Than His Mother?

  1. Anonymous

    wow…lame for the mom’s for sure. I’m going to guess from this that the google artist is a man and like most men is CLUELESS as to what women are, what makes us tick and what are the deep motivating factors of our lives.