Happy 2009! Five Tutorials for Philosophers of Physics

We need more free resources and more helpful tips in the philosophy of physics. There are certainly some out there, but it would be great if they were easier to access and easier to find. While the soulphysics staff continues to work on this problem, here are five tutorials for philosophers of physics — and anyone else who cares — from the soulphysics archives.

  1. Get Started Using Automatic Symbol Insertion in MS Word. Reduce the stress this year. Here’s an easy way to use mathematical symbols without having to deal with LaTeX.
  2. Get Started Improving Your Philsci Archive Experience. Broaden your horizons in the new year with everyone’s favorite philosophy of science database. Here are some tricks to ease the experience.
  3. Get Started Reading Books and Articles on the Cheap. Trying to save money this year? Stop paying so much to read!
  4. Get Started Learning General Relativity Online. Free general relativity — what more could you ask for in 2009?
  5. Get Started Improving Your Philosophical Apparel. Get a new look for the new year. Here are a few unique options for philosophers.

Happy new year; we’ll see you in 2009!

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